Lotos LTPAC2500 Review

Lotos 5-in-1 LTPAC2500 250A AC_DC Aluminum Welder with 60A Plasma Cutter & pedal_4The Lotos LTPAC2500 aluminum welder is one of the better choices on the market. It will provide you with more than just the ability to weld with just one method. You can do it all with this five-in-one machine and replace five different machines with just one. If you are looking for a machine that will do more for you, this is the right choice for your business or your home.

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What is Lotos LTPAC2500

With the Lotos LTPAC2500 you can use it as an AC or DC tig welder, AC or DC stick welder and as a plasma cutter. This gives you the versatility you need to handle more types of jobs without lugging around more than one machine. Many professionals have more than one machine, but with this welder, you don’t need five machines taking up space because it will do everything those other machines will do with ease.

It’s built with only heavy-duty materials to give you a longer life and the 60A plasma cutter is cheaper than Oxyacetylene. You can use it in tight spaces because the torch is low profile and you even get the High Frequency you need to cut thicker materials. Standard DC plasma cutters cannot handle what the Lotos LTPAC2500 can and the Lotos is much faster.

Full of many useful features, you get both AC and DC abilities. The welds it creates are strong and clean. In addition, you can create welds with both aluminum and stainless steel allowing you to perform more jobs without more machines. It’s just as easy to use as other machines, but gives you added versatility you don’t get from other welders.

Lotos 5-in-1 LTPAC2500 250A AC_DC Aluminum Welder with 60A Plasma Cutter & pedal_3

The Top Features of the Lotos LTPAC2500 5-in-1 Welder

  • Provides a 60A Plasma Cutter and 250A AC/DC tig and stick welder with PULSE
  • IGBT power drive matric
  • Dual frequency use for both 50Hz and 60Hz
  • Double function tested and performance tuned
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Lotos 5-in-1 LTPAC2500 250A AC_DC Aluminum Welder with 60A Plasma Cutter & pedal_2

With the Lotos LTPAC2500 welder, you get a foot pedal that will allow you to control the welding heat as you work. Just like the rest of the machine, the foot pedal is heavy duty and easy to use. You can weld any type of metal including Ferrous, Moly, Steel, aluminum and more. It simply does more than other welders do and you don’t need more than just the one machine.

Some welding jobs require SMAW or ARC, which this machine can handle. If you need to fill large gaps, weld cast iron, work with thick steel or fill a hole, you can do so with the Lotos LTPAC2500 welder. When you use the ARC welding function, it won’t require any shielding gas and it will work for any type of metal.

Many consider welding to be an art form and it takes practice to become great at it. You also need the right equipment and with the Lotos LTPAC2500 5-in-1 Welder, you get everything necessary. If your profession requires welding, you will find that this machine will pay for itself very fast and if you just need a welder for a home project, you can’t find a better choice.

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